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Because of the breach in the hull, all of the ship's remaining escape pods were also jettisoned to the surface as part of a pre-programmed emergency evacuation plan, and the remaining civilians began to wake up in the pods.

The view zoomed back from the water surface (scattered with pods) on the planet of Tanis.

When Gallo went back to the hyper-sleep pod, he had mistakenly crawled into Payton's pod.

The Pandorum-afflicted 'Payton'/Gallo was interacting with a younger hallucinatory version of himself (as he looked when he first started working on the ship).

Destined to be punished, the expressionistic finale on Christmas Eve found Lulu as a destitute prostitute in London's Soho district.

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Now to their horror, they realized that the Elysium had been on the destination planet of Tanis for 923 mission years (according to the ship's log).

The vessel (with astronauts and cargo in a state of hypersleep) was traveling in the year 2174 AD from an overpopulated Earth (with limited resources) to colonize Tanis, the only Earth-like planet known to exist.

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