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I also run a Facebook page for Brahma enthusiasts only called Brahma Ireland. Location: Kildare Website: all i am a hobbiest breeder of pure breed chickens such as gold partridge brahmas, Lf.I also hope to be breeding salmon faverolles, gold laced orpingtons and silver laced wyndotte bantams. Grass reared poults Day old chicks Hatching eggs Ex layers Custom hatching service Shoot and game management advice service . Location: Lismore, Waterford Phone: 0851796801 Website: www .2015 Poultry Stock I keep the following breeds: Sablepoots (Gold Birchen & White) Large Fowl Brahmas (Lemon Pyle & Gold Partridge) I only sell chicks and eggs to hatch from above. further info Location: Wicklow Phone: 0861213785 Breeds for 2017 Light Columbian brahmas LF Rhode island reds LF Gold laced barnevelder LF Welsummers LF Gold brahmas LF Light Columbian pekins (limited) Cream legbars (limited) Hatching eggs available Day Olds available Location: Kilkenny / Wexford Phone: 0864172248 I have the following breeds at the moment "Cream legbars" "Partaige welsummers" All the birds are free range and have good sized runs All birds get wormed and sprayed for mites Hatching eggs and will have limited amounts of chicks Call for more information Location: Ashford. Wicklow Phone: 087 1944694 Pheasants various breeds to suit different situations and environments Grey and Red leg Partridge We are a specialist supplier of game birds .

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standard gold laced, silver laced, blue laced in both large fowl and bantam sizes.Phone: 0857807434 Chickens; Rhode Island Red Large Light Sussex Cuckoo Maran Large Welsummer Silver Grey Dorking Brown Leghorn Black Jersey Giant Cream Legbar Blue Lace Wyandotte Silver Duck Wing (OEG) Weaten (OEG) Gold Penciled Hamburg Lemon Sebright (Citrus) Bantam Light Sussex Gold Dutch Ducks; Mandarin (normal & silver) Carolina Ringed Teal Call Ducks Indian Runners (black, white, faun & white) Saxony Abcot Rangers Large Silver Appleyards Aylesbury Geese, West of England Evden Grey Chinese Grey Toulouse Turkeys & Guinea Fowl Location: ANTRIM Phone: 07961443126 We breed the following: Large Fowl: Orpington (Buff, Black, Blue, Splash), Sussex (Light), Leghorn (Blue), Golden Phoenix. I show birds my self at local shows and a few shows up the country. My breeding stock come from respected breeders from all over Ireland. Buff orpington Black orpington Blue orpington Light Sussex Bantam. Location: Clare Phone: 085-2298638 or 087-6743435 We provide very high quality pure bred chickens and fertilised eggs.Bantam: Silkie (White, Black, Blue), Ducks: Aylesbury, Campbell (Khaki), Mandarins , Chocolate Call Ducks, Black East Indian. Indian game dark Dont hesitate to contact me if you want birds or hatching eggs or just if you want a bit of advice about any of the breeds above. We have sumatras large and bantam, Shamos ko Asil ko English Game Rhodes island reds Light speckled Sussex Japanese bantams Dutch bantams Phoenix Icelandic Brahmas Irish game And many more. Breeds include Copper Black Maran, Silver Duckwing, Welsummer, Silver Laced Wyandotte, and Isabella leghorn all large fowl. Fermanagh Website: Family breeders of both Pekins and Silkies. Phone: 07514270343 Website: We offer a large selection of barnevelders, hatching eggs and birds when in stock.

I am concentrating on light ,blue light,and black but might also breed a few darks and solid blues in 2017. Phone: 07810372674 Breeds for 2017 are: Large Fowl Welsummer Partridge. This year we are offering sex linked hatching eggs. This will allow you to sex the chckens at day old by simply looking at the colour of the chicks down.

PCC played host to the annual Arizona STEM Adventure, a fair for kids to explore interactive science exhibits By ARMANDO HARMON Future scientists and engineers were let loose on Nov. Over a thousand of young kids were able to ignite their passion for science at the annual Arizona […] By ALEX DE LEON College can be a confusing place.

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En kille klädde av mig på underkroppen när jag sov - vaknade som tur är i tid. Jag höll i dem en stund och sa nej, rakt ner i kudden. Han var ömsint när han sa att han skulle ha sex med mig ändå. På somrarna brukade vi hälsa på några nära släktingar som bodde en bit bort. Så istället för att göra något, skrika på riktigt, så låg jag där. Men värsta gången, mitt djupaste ärr, när jag blev uppringd mitt i natten och körde och hämtade min fulla kompis på stan som behövde hjälp. Jag trodde jag kanske gett honom signaler att det skulle vara okej att göra så mot mig.… continue reading »

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