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The collection (in chapters 25-29), was originally composed by Solomon (25:1), but copied and included later by Judahs king Hezekiah (ca. Solomon authored his proverbs before his heart was turned away from God (1 Kings 11:1-11), since the book reveals a godly perspective and is addressed to the nave and young who need to learn the fear of God.Solomon also wrote Psalms 72 and 127, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.

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Proverbs is both a pattern for the tender impartation of truth from generation to generation, as well as a vast resource for the content of the truth to be imparted.

The two major themes which are interwoven and overlapping throughout Proverbs are wisdom and folly.

Wisdom, which includes knowledge, understanding, instruction, discretion, and obedience, is built on the fear of the Lord and the Word of God. Interpretation Purpose: The purpose of the book is clearly to show the reader how to live life wisely or skillfully.

Since Solomon authored most of the book, the attachment of his name to it is warranted.

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Because most of the book was authored by Solomon, its contents should be dated in the middle of the tenth century B. On the other hand, the books final form could not have existed earlier than the time of Hezekiah (ca. C.), since Solomons proverbs were still being collected at that time (25:1).

Though Solomons name is traditionally attached to the entire book, it is clear for ; ; 30:1 and 31:1), that unidentified wise men, as well as two who are identified (Augur and Lemuel), also shared in the composition of the book.

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